Managing Partners

Hesham El-Gamal

Hesham Elgamal

Hesham El-Gamal, is the founder of Quest and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He holds a BSc. In Chemical Engineering, and an Executive MBA and has over 30 years of business experience in diversified fields such as project management, sales & marketing, and strategic business consulting. He is a certified Executive and Relationship coach and a master trainer in areas such as business simulations, LEGO serious play, and a variety of leadership and character building concepts.

Working with organizations in Egypt, the Gulf region, Europe, and the United States, Hesham has strong hands on experience with all managerial aspects as well as a deep understanding of the different business practices in various countries and regions. He has been extensively involved in developing and implementing performance enhancement projects for a wide range of companies in areas such as Leadership, Strategic Sales Planning, Change Management, and others.

Hesham is a member of the Management Consultants Association, a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, and is part of a wide International network of management consultants, coaches, and facilitators.

Maissah Saoud

Maissa Saoud

Maissah Saoud, co-founder of Quest, is a TUV certified Quality Expert and Quality Management Consultant. She has accumulated diverse experience in the field of organizational diagnostics and played a leading role in numerous teams conducting complete and comprehensive HR consultancies in different areas.

As co-founder, Maissah assumed different responsibilities starting from key account management, consulting, creating and developing solutions, delivering programs, developing trainers and managing projects.

Maissah is an experienced facilitator covering a wide range of management areas. She also designs and delivers team development solutions for diversified teams with the objective of building high performance teams. She was certified in 2004 to deliver and certify Quest facilitators in a wide range of business simulations (Tango, A&O, Cayenne, Enterprise and Medici) under Celemi, Sweden umbrella.She has also worked closely with Celemi in Sweden to create tailored Business simulations for key Quest clients.
Maissah is a Life and Relationship Coach graduated from the Coaches Training Institute and a Relationship Systems Coach graduate from the Center for Right Relationships, USA.
Maissah holds a Masters degree in Computer Communications Networks from Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University and a Bachelor degree in Communications Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Mona El Atrash

Mona El Atrash

26 Years of Experience, of which 9 years in the field ofSales and Customer Service in multinationals and 17 years in the field of Human Development across different business disciplines and organizations’ hierarchal levels.

As a co-founder of Quest back in 1999, Mona has participated in developing and delivering almost all Quest programs; ranging from: front line professional tracks, functional tracks, managerial and leadership tracks as well as business simulation and coaching based programs. She has also participated as an assessor in several assessment centers upon certification from Nokia Assessment Center.
Mona was one of the team members who established the first Customer Service Departments in the oil industry in Egypt. Her last position in Mobil Oil was Retail Customer Service Manager and where able to lead the ISO 9000 certification for the department in 1996. Mona also worked for Mobil Oil on part time basis as retail trainer in Africa’s training center located in Cairo.

Mona’s last 16 years experience has been in the area of human development and working as a change agent for organization development with most of her clients.
Mona has been certified in the field of business simulations for delivering different solutions(managing tangible assets, managing intangible assets, understanding and reading business finance). Also, she is certified in different management programs by several European reputable organizations, such as Orange Campus, France.

Mona has been accredited by CTI and CRR – the coaching institutes in USA– for attending the life coaching and relationship & systems coaching programs, respectively.
She has worked as a member of a community service organization (Labor Bank) that called for the initiation of the Industrial Training Council, currently responsible for aligning and building the capacity of development experts (training providers) with Egypt’s needs for human development in the industrial sector.
Mona holds a Masters degree and a Bachelor degree both in Economics (Econometrics) from the American University of Cairo where she was granted a fellowship and worked as an assistant professor in economics department during her Masters program.

Samah Shenouda

Samah Shenouda

Samah is a Life and organizational coach, and a certified assessor with 21 years of experience in the field of Human Development and Performance/Competency Management.  Samah has held different positions in various reputable organizations: Lever Egypt, Al Ahram Beverages, The American University in Cairo, Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil), and Palm Hills Developments.

As a consultant and facilitator, Samah has worked on organizational diagnostics, and delivered programs in Self-Leadership, Time Management, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Management Skills, Coaching Skills, MBTI and Business Simulations.

Samah is a Life Coach graduate from the Coaches Training Institute and a Relationship Systems Coachgraduate from the Center for Right Relationships, USA.
In the field of assessment, Samah is an (SHL) certified assessor. She is also a member of the British Psychology Society (BPS) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Samah holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport and a Bachelor degree in English Literature from the University of Cairo.