It was a true pleasure to have Mariam and Samah from Quest as facilitators in the Special Olympics MENA Leadership Academy in Cairo in September. They are such an engaging and impactful team. Our leaders from nine countries really enjoyed learning how to be better influencers and team leaders from Quest. They received practical knowledge and useful tools in a great learning environment. Thank you!

Olga YakimakhoDWTC
Senior Manager, Organizational Excellence 
Special Olympics


In this day and age, it is very difficult to find the training vendor that can share with you the passion, know-how and uniqueness you require in your programs. With Quest, Credit Agricole has found all three: They have: • The passion to excel in what they are doing with fun and love. • The know-how to bring the best practice and diversified tools that met our needs on different level. • The uniqueness of material that made us feels as if each course was specially tailored to our organization even if it was a standardized business simulation. It is an honor and pleasure to partner with such a respectable organization as Quest Q Q Q…. Quest.

Nehal El KashefCredit Agricole
Head of Training & Development 
Crédit Agricole Egypt


What we hold for Quest is sincere appreciation from the heart, congratulations for a successful 10-year journey and wishes for more success to come … And what we had and still have with Quest is a partnership relation that started almost since their inception, a successful business and more promising prospects … Again, our congratulations to all Quest team members on their 10th anniversary.

Dalia Essmatmobinil
Head of Training & Development 


“The GM Egypt Next Program was by far the most powerful training course GM Egypt has experienced in the last decade. I am extremely thankful to Quest for providing this experience, which has significantly enriched GM Egypt's leadership capacity and helped transform high potential performers into outstanding leaders. The information disseminated was nothing short of spectacular and the facilitators were incredible. You have a first-class organization and I look forward to much more success in the future through all of your training activities."

Maisa Galal GM
Human Resources Director 
General Motors Egypt


In the first year of the simulation our company was the market leader with 45 million dollars in profit. I thought that since we were doing good we didn’t need to change our strategy. I learned the hard way and found out I was wrong when the market shifted and our competitors outflanked our position leaving us with only 5 million dollars after the second year! It was a big lesson for me how a company always needs to stay fresh and innovative in their business practice before it’s too late. I’m glad this was only a simulation!

William C. Kinzel Al-Sawani
Al-Sawani Center of Creativity and Talent Development


The Diversity of programs and the trainers I worked with through Quest are wonderful , they do an exceptional job tailoring courses content to our organization, which ultimately makes the learning experience far more meaningful than if we were to utilize the services from off the shelf

Firas MohamedDWTC
Talent Manger 
Dubai World Trade Center




We had the pleasure to work with QUEST Services company via conducting three training courses in Novartis Egypt: Quest had proven to be valuable is several facts as follows: • Valuable proposal of course contents tailored to customer identified needs • Optimal execution time & successful time management • Focusing on objectives & adhering to schedules The contribution of Quest portrayed high customer orientation, exclusive Know-how on the topic offered and great flexibility that suits organization culture and nature.

Tarek El HennawyNOVARTIS
HR Head Pharma Sector Senior Manager 


This is to acknowledge that Chipsy Food Industries has been dealing with Quest ,Quest has delivered a number of various courses to both middle and top management to Chipsy-Egypt employees. We are content with the quality of the training material delivered to our staff, which can be easily distinguished in the training market. What makes them stand out in the market is that they customize these according to our cultural understanding. It has been a pleasure to work with Quest.

Mouien Al MadhounChipsy
Human Resources Director 



Dear Best Quest Team, I would like to thank you all for the efforts that have been exerted in Mashreq Bank sessions, I am really proud to work with such Team. Special Thanks to Sherif Abdallah “The best Sales Coach” the feedback from all the parties is really great. I am also proud to tell you that one of our Sales & Service Officers was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager because he was following exactly what he gained from the sales session. Thank you Yasmine Darwish and Yasmine Adel for the great organization, deals and punctuality and quality of service. I am so proud to have such quality in Egypt. Team, Thanks a lot for everything. I am looking forward to working with you in more and more sessions. Thanks a lot

Engy Wahdanmashreq
Recruitment Manager 
Mashreq Bank


Quest Assessment Centers…….An eye Opening Experience TE Data and Quest has established a strong partnership in running internal assessment for TE Data Top management It was proven that Quest assessment center is a diagnostic tool for determining the presence and strength of crucial and core competencies. Participants engage in an integrated series of simulations designed to generate behaviors similar to those required for success in their current positions. They were skillfully able to Objectively identify the attendees’ strengths and developmental needs and indicate pertinent training needs After these assessment we were able to:- • Offer developmentally based succession planning • Provide a strong feedback component and a structure for individual development • Provide a focus for continued mentoring and coaching I would like to convey my sincere thanks to your entire organization. Hope our career paths cross again in the future and I look forward in getting your cooperation in such events in the forthcoming too.

Tamer ShalabyTE Data
Human Resources Director 
TE Data


“Quest has shown remarkable effort since we first started working together during 2008. Their contribution to the development of our Sales Team has shown a significant impact; and their initiative with our Executive Team has also added a lot to our learning experience. I am confident that they are constantly doing their best to give our people the most professional service in the market; fueled by a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication, that I am positive will continue to foster this mutual collaboration”.

Dr.Azza El BendaryPalm Hills
Vice President –HR & Administration 
Palm Hills



Biggest applause to the impressive team of Quest that added flavor and value to "CEMEX Management Day ". Thank you Maissah , Mariam, Amr and Tarek. Special Thanks and gratitude for Sherif Abdallah for the inspiring speech, energy boost and related techniques he had given us. Full appreciation to our business partnership with Quest. You are a group of professional, responsible, committed, experts. You rock ..!! :)

Mrs.Zeinab Salah HegazyCEMEX
Planning, Development & Compensation Manager - Human Resources 


To whom it may concern This is to acknowledge that (ADIB-Egypt) has been dealing with Quest as well ABAMI Team; they had delivered one of the stunning big experiential events (Walk the Talk) for a group of junior, middle and high management level employees in Branches and Business Units – it was unbelievable. We are content with the quality of the experience through Hisham el Gamal and his team that has been delivered to our staff, which can be easily distinguished in the training market. What makes them stand out in the market is that they customize these successful initiatives according to our cultural understanding. It has been a pleasure to work with them. They have shown a remarkable effort especially in the learning by doing concept through their contribution to the development a certain specific competencies we were Keen to tackle in the areas of (leadership-team work & building and communication skills that has shown a significant impact; and their initiative with our Staff has also added a lot to our learning experience. I am confident enough that they are constantly doing their best to give our people the most professional service in the market; fuelled by a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication, which I am positively, will continue to foster this mutual collaboration. Also we have honored with an inspirational speech for our higher Management Team through Hisham El-Gamal, he has shown with his charismatic character a real impact to paradigm shift their points of view during the day. Finally I will be looking forward to succeed in digging business challenges with them.

Mohammed AbbasADIB
Head of Learning & Development 
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)


We would like to express our gratitude for you and all Quest team who contributed in the interactive program “Awaken the Hero within”. The program has showed great success with outstanding satisfaction. We have the target of 780 employees that we have fulfilled. We wouldn’t have done this success without your cooperation, flexibility, expertise and partnership. Looking forward other successful partnership in the near future. Please forward this message to all who contributed from management, consultants and operations teams.

Noha Abbasetisalat
Center Of Excellence Senior Supervisor 


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