QUEST GROW Launching Event

Recently, Quest celebrated the launch of our signature learning and development subsidiary QUEST GROW.

QUEST GROW Solutions include Character Building, Management and Leadership, Lego Serious Play, Executive & Team Coaching, Business Essentials and Celemi Business Simulations Many of those solutions are newly developed and others are revamped in line with our unique learning methodologies.

Celemi Business Simulations was the hero solution of the Quest Grow Launch; we were honored to have our trusted partners Kjell Akelindqvist, President & CEO, Celemi and Tore Bystrom, Vice President Sales, Celemi, join us and run our guests through a short journey exploring 4 out of 9 Celemi’s Business Simulations. Quest is Celemi’s regional partner and our facilitators are certified to, deliver this unique and powerful learning tool.

The event was a great success for Quest and was an unforgettable experience for our guests as it gave them a flavor of the Quest Grow solutions.


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