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One of the factors that the success of an organization depends on is: the leader’s ability to optimize performance on both the individual level and the team level.
Believing that no one size perfectly fits all, Quest tailors its modules according to the different managerial levels within the organization, and to fit specific leadership development agendas.

Programs enable Leaders to:

  • Learn different leadership skills, tools, and styles.
  • Help managers realize the full potential of their human resources.
  • Maximize the benefits for the individual and the organization.
  • Achieve planned effectiveness through the co-operation and commitment of their teams.

Programs Include:

Coaching for Leaders

  • Learn the cornerstones of leadership.
  • Driving up the performance of subordinates by proper coaching and delegation.
  • Coaching subordinates to reach Organization’s targets.
  • Understand coaching as part of the ‘Situational Leadership’ model.
  • Learn to motivate the team members and help them attain self-actualization.
  • Help team members exercise what they learn and retain the knowledge.
  • Give and receive feedback on the coaching experience.
  • Building on individual coach/manager’s personal skills and competencies.

Leading Effective Teams

  • Develop high-impact communication and build cooperative teams.
  • Identify team members’ strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and roles.
  • Boost team performance using effective delegation and coaching.
  • Learn the application of the ‘Situational Leadership Model.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the ‘Leader’s role’.
  • Improve Effectiveness using simple approaches.

Coping/Leading Change

  • Understand the nature of ‘Change’ and its impact on individuals.
  • Learn the factors of ‘Inducing Change’ successfully.
  • Facilitate the change management process for self & others.
  • Assign roles for team members in facilitating the change process.

Supervisory Skills

  • Improve leadership impact and boosting team performance.
  • Manage conflicts efficiently.
  • Understand coaching and motivation.
  • Understand the value of delegation in time management.

Dynargetic People Management

In accordance with Quest affiliation with Dynargie – an international expert in Managers Training & Coaching, Quest is certified to deliver Dynargetic People Management programs in Egypt.

Programs enable managers to:

• Understand their role as managers & leader

• Strike a balance between the welfare of the individuals and that of the organization.

• Adopt structured techniques of communication in different situations

• Boost effectiveness using simple and effective approaches.

• Improve attitudes towards difficult challenges and change.

• Learn to handle sensitive negotiation situations.

Dynargetic People Management programs include:

• Communication with subordinates ( 2 days)

• Communication with upper management (1 day)

• Communication with peers ( 1 day)

• The manager as a negotiator and conflict manager (1 day)






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