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LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a unique concept that has been designed by the LEGO Company, specifically for business and executive development.
Quest is the only certified Training provider in Egypt to deliver the original Lego Serious play methodology and programs, Real Time Strategy & Team Identity
Quest uses the Lego methodology as well as Coaching methodologies to provide clients with various standard Lego Serious Play programs ,as well as developing and customizing programs of various Team sizes, purpose and length. All our programs are about having fun while tackling serious issues. This is why this solution is called SERIOUS PLAY!

This is how it works:

During the workshops, participants use Lego bricks to build 3D models that:

  • Describe their business dynamics
  • Express their future aspirations
  • Identify key variables in their business environment

Afterwards, participants engage into thorough conversations based on their creations to:

  • Explore possibilities
  • Create alignment and build a common understanding
  • Identify business challenges and discuss how they would tackle them

Quest combined coaching techniques with this powerful methodology to create a host of different interventions that help companies:

  • Deal with change
  • Face difficult market situations
  • Build new strategies
  • Connect better as teams

Programs include:

Team Identity

  • Build rapport between team members by establishing common language, vision, and spirit.
  • Identify the key obstacles to functional team work and make room for corrective measures.
  • Increase the employees’ engagement index and reinforce loyalty towards the company, its vision, and its strategy.
  • Develop a set of guiding principles that reflect the team’s unique identity and core values.

Real Time Strategy

  • Create a fundamental shared awareness of the business challenges and opportunities and how to prepare for both
  • Create a common language and a common vision among the executive team and strengthening the bonding among the team members
  • Increasing the level of accountability and emotional commitment to the company’s vision and strategy
  • Develop a set of guiding principles that reflect the company’s mindset and core values.

Leading / Coping with Change Using Lego

Quest combined coaching techniques with this powerful methodology to create a host of different interventions that help companies achieve these benefits:

  • Identify Causes, Sources and types of change
  • Understand the nature of change and its impact on individuals
  • Identify the necessary skills for change management to help others cope with the new environment
  • Assign various roles to individuals to enable them to support the change
  • Improve collaboration and respect amongteam members
  • Identify productivity inhibitors
  • Develop ways to enhance productivity in the new work environment

Personal Effectiveness With Lego

  • Learn effective techniques for self and others personal quality improvement.
  • Incorporate self knowledge in personal decision making.
  • Tools to strengthen self-esteem and performance for self and others.
  • Create a proper understanding of time management and performance.
  • Reduce the level of stress associated with the pressure of work.
  • Emphasize planning as a key element for performance management.
  • Provide the necessary tools for setting priorities and organizing activities.




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