3rd Millennium Sales

Quest Mercuri


Are you aware of the new buying journey?
Sales profession has evolved to meet the changing needs of the changing world. It is now time, for another wave of change. The difference - this is not a gradual evolution. This is transformation.
Technology has transformed the way Customers buy, now the time for sellers to transform the way they sell. Those who are willing to transform, will ride this wave, taking their careers and organizations to greater heights.
Why the Need to Adapt?
Quite simply because the digital world has drastically increased the information available to your customers. In turn, customers progress through their ’buying journey’ before even meeting a sales person.

Mercuri International has identified new critical practices that sales representative /account manager must master to be successful.

Mercuri International’s 3rd Millennium Sales Concept Components:

• Understanding the new buying behaviors
• Being present on the online buying journey of the customer
• Successful first contact
• Understanding the contact, expectations, challenges and needs
• Preparing the proposal and argumentation
• Presenting and defending the proposal
• Overcoming resistance and closing the deal
• Mastering life and remote communication tools